Artist: Earl Sweatshirt
Album: Sick!
Released: 2022
Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap


Give it to you straight, no frills
What I think might pay the bills
Spit on the cam like Makaveli (fuck y’all)
Came home end of 2011
Pasadena John calling me relly
Ain’t know where none of this shit was headed (I ain’t even know)
In a ‘Llac, not gon ‘protect me
Bro just crashed, fucked up his Dodge
Now he shopping for another HEMI
Did the dash, got outta dodge
Crashed out grandmama car
They got tipped off by a civilian (yes, sir)
Yes, sir, think I already feel it
Sweatshirt, ’cause you know how revenge is best served
Cold dish (pressure cookin’ roast)
No assist, I’m out here on a mission
Triple doublin’ off of the strips
Get ghost like I need a killer
Get ghost like a apparition
Hometown hold me down like a rock
So you know how I gotta skip it (skip, skip it)
So you know just how we living
Took it slow, saw what it could give me
Hit the road, go a mile a minute
Mask on like a supervillain
Daniel, who you in the den with? Lion
Wasn’t lying when I told
Dawg’s on the floor now ’cause I skinned him
On the 10, east homebound
I just bro’d down with the Chemist
Midtown niggas pimpin'(You know how we get it)
Iceberg MAC kinda slim
What they couldn’t see, sink the ships
Capsize mean you’s a flip (We know you)
Send a postcard from the depth
Bleed the vein ’til nothing left
You look drained you should get some rest (yeah, go get some rest)
You look drained you should get some rest

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