Trying to flex and look good
But you’re not rich
Cause you got the classy outfit girl
As well give you more than this prick
They can never be like me
They can never rub my ways
See i want your heart with your hearts on us
Your man’s tryna rob my wife like he can flex
With his nice ass clothes
And his fake ass cloudy chain
But can he make racks and make them stack
From rockin’ a big tom stage
I said i’m different brother i’m different
When i said that shit then i meant it girl
Fuck with me
And i swear you’ll see
How we do this shit independent
I don’t wanna flex the things i don’t have
I don’t wanna make up shit that ain’t true
But there’s one thing in this life
That i wanna flex and that you bitch
Take my hand i’mma show you where the guap
Never said independent
So that’s how you gotta rock
From the top press my button it’s my stock uh
We can put you in the slide if you ain’t
No ah ah ain’t enough
Still young but we still got it on lock
She ah bitch you play too much
You don’t hit my line with some faded love
Talking about you and them just broke it up
Yeah i said i know you’ve been drinking
But you said you tryna switch your baitings up
You say you playin’ i ain’t a gamer no
Send the location if you tryna get naked no
O t w i’m like ten minutes
I’ma hop in just to hop in it
Like lubrits with my tongue in it
Got your legs drippin’ talkin’ to the d o d’s
I’m the lawyer how the fuck
You got fans
Tell them when i don’t trust
Take my hand
I’m gonna show you what a quad never said
So that’s how you gotta rock from the top
Press my button
This my stop
We could put you in a slot
If you ain’t no op ain’t enough
Still young but we still got it on rock
Bitch don’t really rock but she tick tock
I ain’t got time for loving girl
But show me something
Ex that he still got you
We both know he doesn’t
I just fucking copy what that cost me nothing
For three and for the weekend and i’m buzzing
I don’t want peace i want peace
I want a house by the beach in the east
Wanna be down and deep in the peach
Girl come down let me show you what i mean
Pull up it’s full pray i don’t lose my cool
Pray i don’t got my tool
Call my jeweler wet my neck
My wrist make her dripping drew
Woo talkin’ to the lil’ mans
I’m the lawyer of the block
Influential you got fans
Tell ’em run up what’s up drop
Don’t trust take my hand
I’mma show you where to guap nip
Set independent so that’s how you gotta rock
From the top
Press my button this my stock
We can put you in a spot
Slide if you ain’t no
We had you in the back
Just tell me what you think
What you thinking
If you tryna fuck with me
Tell me what you think
What you thinking
Let me have you in the back
Just tell me what you need
Drop top in the benz
Girl there’s a movie scene
Bring a friend girl if you hold me down
I’mma hold you when nobody round
I’mma show you banging on my line
Like it’s an s o s
Girl you must be dripping
Tryna hit me through with that finesse yeah

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